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I have worked as a professional calligrapher and graphic designer for over 30 years in the Pacific Northwest, where my clients include:
  • the Portland Art Museum 
  • the Seattle Art Museum 
  • the Portland Japanese Garden
  • Louis Vuitton 
Although, I specialize in addressing envelopes and placecards in a broad range of styles (even developing a unique alphabet just for your project) I also calligraph certificates, poetry, and create logo branding. I am always ready to meet the next calligraphic challenge!
I work closely with my clients to achieve the beautiful results they are hoping for plus a little bit more. I am very dependable and pride myself on giving excellent service.

 Free Consultation


Call or email me for a free consult. I will show you samples and offer you several cost options.


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Along with fine art calligraphy I also design illustrations and logos for special branding

that can integrate imagery with lettering.

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Please contact me if you are interested in taking calligraphy classes to hone your skills. From time to time I offer courses that include fun and beautiful projects!  Sign up for my mailing list here.

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