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I design promotional materials for artists, art galleries and museums as well as design and hang art exhibitions. These two areas utilize similar skills in that they develop a vision with a cohesive aesthetic that congruently combines a series of images or objects. I love to oversee large or small projects from start to finish and come in on budget and on time.


  • I specialize in 2-D brochures, catalogues, magazine and book design.

  • I also design online websites. 

  • I liaison with printers and other vendors so you don't have to.

  • I organize and inventory art collections and design exhibitions for individuals or institutions


One of my latest projects was the design and production of a memoir book for the Northwest artist, George Johanson. I like to bring the client along as decisions are often made throughout the process. I am reliable, dependable and meet deadlines. Many of my customers continue to come back, over many years. 


Examples of book design. Click on image to expand Gallery

 Free Consultation

I am happy to talk with you and lend my expertise in this area. If you are wanting to move forward in your art career or have artwork or a show to promote, call me 503-347-4502.

Graphic and  Curatorial Design
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