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I have long been interested in experiential phenomenon and the personal lens; what we bring to our lives through our perceptions and the relationships that we create. As an artist I am drawn to the idea of expressing individual visions that are portrayed by artifice and illusion. My work is influenced by the aesthetics of pop art, photorealism, and early 20th century illustration. Other inspirations come from a desire to connect with feelings of nostalgia. In the manner, style, and coloring of my work, I am drawn to connecting with memories and the ideals we create from a “golden time.” 


Much of my source material comes from my own experiences with people and place but I am also intrigued by photographs that portray moments of weight and consequence. If something at first glance may seem banal, I want to explore what is aesthetically valuable or emotionally vibrant. In developing my source material to suit my purpose, compositionally, I consider form, shape and balance during the drafting process. I work in acrylic paint on canvas or panel and explore a range of color complements while building up the surface with thin painterly layers of pigment. I try to get the colors to activate and talk with each other. My hope is the viewer, through their personal lens, will engage with the illusion of my work and find their own sense of nostalgia and memory triggers.

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If you are interested in purchasing any of my work please click here to request a price list. Most of the artwork on the website is available and options are often refreshed.  Thank you for your interest! 


Please contact me if you are interested in taking private or group drawing and painting classes to hone your skills. From time to time I offer courses in which you can build your expressive skills!  Sign up for my mailing list here.

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